Problems with offset

Using a point as the interior contour is problematic for some irregularly shaped segments. Since the point is simply the average of all of the points that make up the boundary, the output will be biased towards it. This can be seen in the output of the previous post.

This can be solved by using an offset of the boundary, as can be seen here with the blue and red lines. Ehren has a function to take care of this, however it cannot offset it very far.


A solution to this is to use morphological erosion. The technique includes going around the boundary pixel by pixel and removing any parts of the region that are within a certain distance of this boundary pixel. The outcome will look like this;imgEroded.png

With this technique, we are able to erode to any size we want, by just changing a single number. The above example is a 4px erosion, whereas the bottom example is a 20px erosion.



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